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The Comic Book Your Summer Deserves

It's interesting to me that in the long running annuls of this here column, I've never ever talked about a comic book I'm into. There's a few reasons for that, the biggest being I'm not as brushed up on my comic book vernacular as some of my friends are. I've read them on and off for all my life, and I like them a great deal. However, lately I've been reading more as I've found some ones I' really quite fond of. There's a new series based off The Six Million Dollar Man, how cool is that? But the one comic that I am absolutely in love with right now, is a wonderful and brilliant new series from DC, Batman '66.
Batman '66 launched last summer as a digital weekly comic for tablets, making a wonderful hardcover debut last month with a first volume that collects the first five stories together. Obviously I don't need to tell you that much about it, based off the fact that it's called Batman '66. Everyone knows who Batman is, so w…

A Mad World

It can feel like beating a dead horse to say over and over again “they don't make them like they used to” when it comes to talking about classic films. The phrase itself automatically puts an aged sheen over a movie, a disservice, when sometimes what you want to do is get someone to realize that an older film can be just as relevant as whatever new Michael Bay film in which he destroys a beloved childhood property is (my bet is on Power Rangers as the next one). However, there are some times when that phrase is quite apt to describe certain movies, and nothing fits that moniker better than 1963's It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.
By the early 1960s, director Stanley Kramer had a glowing reputation as the moral voice of Hollywood. Kramer was best known for his big dramatic, socially conscious films, such as Inherit The Wind and Judgement at Nuremberg. Wanting to show that he had more to offer than just heavy films, Kramer decided to make what he called “The comedy to end a…

Jonathan's Spring Fling

There's a certain protocol one has to follow when accepting invitations to events held by friend's boyfriends. Picture a bullseye in your head, in the dead center is the circle of friends that you have known the oldest, those almost always get an automatic yes. Outside of that, is the group that you're close with, but if you skipped a graduation party or boozy Halloween bash, no one would really care. Closing out the bullseye, is the “people you've not seen since high school and used to make fun of you for liking Doctor Who but now that's all they talk about on Facebook isn't that somewhat ironic ha ha” group. These are the invites you outright ignore.
So what happens when, through some mysterious twist of fate, one of your best friends starts to date a man who is firmly in the last ring of this bullseye? Then, once they've been firmly established as a couple through a series of endless photographs on the Facebooks, you're invited to attend a party hi…