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Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard

It began with soreness in the back of my throat on the right side. “Drainage, again” I thought to myself. As a perpetual sinus sufferer, this was nothing new to me. So I did what I always do at the first sign of any nasal activities. I took over the counter medication and didn't think any more of it. Usually it'll take a day or two then whatever it is that's invaded my nose will go away, but not this time. What I thought was just sinus turned into a full blown cold, and there was no sign it was getting better. The day after I went through four boxes of tissues in one day, I knew it was time to break down and see the doctor.
Early on a Saturday morning I went to the urgent care clinic. I walked in, went to the check in window, told them why I had arrived, and was given paperwork to fill out. Many people wanted to get in and get out early, so the place was full of about six or seven other people in various states of misery. I scanned the room and looked for a seat that …

Things We Said Today

It's an increasingly strange phenomena, that moment when you're speaking to someone that you're attracted to, and your brain decides to just shut down all sectors that house the entirety of the known English language. Your brain playing a horrible trick, in that the moment you've said some incredibly asinine thing to someone lovely, it immediately snaps back into action, and somewhat like a scalded puppy dog, looks at you and says “what have you done?”
Picture a dinner table, a few small plates of food, drinks. All very casual, all very informal. Let's say that I'm at this table with close friends, and we're talking about movies. Let's then say that the conversation comes around to Alfred Hitchcock, and I'm asked something about the way Hitchcock knew how to use color in his films. I'd imagine I might give a response that sounds something like the following: “Hitchcock was a master at knowing how to make a color pallet work on film, even when…

The Ghastly Love of Johnny X

What are the new cult classics? You know what a cult classic is, don't you? It's a film that no one at the studio knew how to market, and through of years of word of mouth, spread by fans, has become something of an iconic film. The biggest cult classic of all time being The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a film which is such an icon, that it was added to our National Film Registry, meaning that it will be preserved by the library of congress for as long as we can watch film. We live in an era where Hollywood has zero interest in taking chances. Everything is either a remake or a reboot, or a rebook of a remake, or a remake of a reboot.
So with Hollywood not willing to take chances, where will the next crop of films that are bound to be cult icons come from? We have a few, and they all are from the indie outsider directors. The biggest of the past few years has been The Room, a film know what? Google it and thank me later. Some of the new cult films are born out of a …