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Dear Apple, Love Andy

Two weeks ago, Apple launched their new streaming service, Apple Music. Apple Music is built on the backbone of Beats Music—the streaming service that the popular headphone company launched last Winter--which Apple bought last year--and also was a service I was a subscriber of. So upon the day that Apple Music rolled out, I gladly rolled my account on over and began a three month trial of Apple Music. There's things about Apple Music that I really like, and there's things about Apple Music that I really hate. There's also things about streaming music in general that makes me feel weird, but we'll talk about that later on. First, let's talk about what I like.
Because Apple Music is built off of Beats Music, the core of the service is very familiar to me. Curators, Apple Music Editors, and Activity sections, all of which contain playlists that have been curated by their music editors—actual, human music nerds making playlists for people. By in large, these playl…


Due to recent events, you may have found yourself having to do some thinning out of your friends list on Facebook. You either unfollowed someone, or you outright unfriended them. Facebook, mercifully, doesn't tell someone that you've unfriended/unfollowed them. It leaves it for them on their own time to discover the cruel fate that you have bestowed upon them. Sometimes, however, I think it might not be a bad idea for Facebook to allow you to fill out a form letter to tell the other person why you felt a need to un them.
Much like a customer satisfaction survey, all you would do is click whichever button applies to that particular case, and it would inform the other party your reasons. Think of it as a way of helping them to be more aware of the world around them. It would simply tell them that they had been unned, and not reveal which one of their former devotees did the uning. Allow me to show how this form letter would look from vantage point of the person doing the unfr…