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Eight Bit Pills

I finally slept last night for the first time in a couple of days. For a handful of nights I’d wake about three hours before I normally do, putter about the house for an hour or so, then fall back asleep, then wake up again at my usual time—only feeling groggy. Insomnia is nothing new to me, I usually have a solid bout of it about once or twice a year. This is a significant improvement from when I would go for months without sleeping well. Insomnia also runs in my family. 
Sometimes I find I can’t quite get settled in bed into a position that I find comfortable. Other times, it’s simply a case of my brain not wanting to settle down for the night. That was the culprit of the current go about with insomnia. The same thing was happening every night. As I would climb into my cozy bed, then close my eyes, I would hear the same thing over and over in my head. 
It was a piece of music instantly recognizable from my childhood, and the childhoods of others from my generation. Let’s see if you ca…

Suspicious Susans

When talk began towards the end of 2015 that Warner Archive was going to amp their blu-ray releases for 2016, it left many a film buff curious. Film buffs love their blu-rays, and classic movie fans in particular love seeing a movie that they cherish get the deluxe HD treatment. Warner Archive is keeping good on their promise. This year they’ve released three Hitchcock titles that had never been in HD before—one of which I’ll talk about below—and they’ve also been releasing titles that even the most ardent of film nut never thought would be released on blu-ray. 
This is the key to the success of Warner Archive. They’re quick to respond to queries on social media, and they’re fairly open about what is coming out, and about what fans are requesting. Their weekly podcast is not only a highlight of that week’s releases, but also a chance to get some context and insight into films that in some cases have never been on home video before. If the dwindling of physical media means it can become…

Changing Weezers

First things first, Record Store Day is this weekend--April 16th--and I want to encourage you to seek your local, independently owned, record store and purchase some records. Why? A couple of reasons. Records can heal your heart, they are magical transportation devices full of music. Also, mom and pop record stores are DEEPLY important. They can’t beat Spotify, they can’t beat iTunes. They’re a place to meet and bond with other people who love music just as much as you do. Also, they’re local businesses, and if you don’t think supporting local business is a good thing, then I’m gonna build a wall around you and make you pay for it.

Right, now that the PSA is done--wowzers is the new Charles Bradley album a thing of beauty! What? You don’t know who Charles Bradley is, you don’t have any music from the mighty house that is Daptone Records in your collection!? Woe unto you, Kangaroo Boy. Daptone Records is a Brooklyn based label that specializes in soul music. Real, honest, beautiful sou…