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The State of The Andy

Greetings, Citizens.

I've been neglecting the "Hey There, Andy!" blog a little too much lately. It got a new design and I walked away like one of those spoiled couples on House Hunters. This blog started years ago as a way to give my work more of a "web presence," and to make individual columns easy to share. In the last year, "The Loafer--my main home for my word works--has gotten an incredible website redesign by the very talented people at Stellar Studios, and now I feel less motivated to double up on my columns being there and here as well.

So where does that leave "Hey There, Andy!?" Welp, this place needs more stuff on it. I'm going to from time to time share older Batteries Not Included columns that aren't archived on the web anywhere else, and maybe post some original work. Another reason in why this place hasn't seen much attention is that I've been overwhelmingly busy lately. At the end of the past three years I've made a remark along the lines of 'Wow, this was my busiest year yet" and so far 2017 is well on track to be another year that ends with me saying that.

I'm grateful for it all. No one is a harsher critic on all things Andy Ross than Andy Ross is. Seriously. I am super self critical to the point of absurdity (Yay, brains are assholes!) I can honestly say--though I fear saying it outloud--that right now I'm really proud of where things are with this crazy and eclectic career of mine. This year I've hosted an awards dinner, reviewed nearly 20 films on blu-ray--my deep thanks to all the studios who send me screeners, and the folks over at The Retro Set for allowing me to contribute to their site as well--plus I've been able to make my lifelong dream of bringing classic film screenings to the area come true with the work I've been doing at The Capitol Theater. If you haven't been to The Capitol in Downtown Greeneville, Tennessee--it's an amazing place. I love it and am so proud to be a part of it.

So that's what's been going on in Andyland. It's crazy busy! This week alone (May 15, 2017) there is so much going on that I'm having to remind myself to not get overwhelmed by it all. That's the quickest way to cause the anxiety to go from 0 to 100, and heaven knows there's enough shit going on in the world right now keeping it at about a constant 20 most days. So thanks for all the encouragement, support, and for reading all this crazy stuff I keep putting out in the world. It's deeply, deeply appreciate.

Oh, and I promise that book will come out this year, the one I've been working on forever. Yes, I know, I've said that before, but it will happen this year....promise.


  1. I really appreciate your work sir. Your journey is inspirational to others. new in trends


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